So what did everyone think of Doris on TLC tonight? I thought it was extremely interesting how dedicated she was to living a vintage lifestyle of a very specific era! Would you ever dedicate yourself to a specific era? I couldn’t imagine… I love the 30’s, 40’s, 60’s and 70’s as well. I try to dedicate most of my life to vintage and vintage repro but there are days I find myself in jeans, flats and a fright rags tee. (I love Fright Rags by the way and I’m not knocking them in any way) But tonight’s episode made me realize if I want to spend the rest of my life in cosmetology working with clients like Doris (or even Doris herself) I need to reevaluate my lifestyle choices. If I come across a glamorous vintage vixen and want to tell her all about my salon can I do that in a hoodie and sneakers because I wanted to sleep in that morning? She will look at me, smile, politely take my card and I will never see her again.

Another thing… She’s only 23 and look at how influential she has been in our industry! She has graced the cover of so many vintage mags, modeled for just about every reputable vintage reproduction clothing website and is known across America for her beauty. That is so inspiring to me being 19 and wanting to be successful in the industry as well!

So what did you all think? Was she too much? Or was she just perfection??


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